Governance, Strategy and Operations

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada – Conducted a feasibility study of alternate organizational forms and options to assume and manage the estimated $500M, 30-year remediation and reclamation of the Faro mine site project.
  • Directorate Materiel Information Systems (DMIS) – Planned, assisted and supported the organizational design, functional services, service delivery channels, and SLA to centralize all IMIT personnel, systems and infrastructure that is currently distributed among the 4,000 plus users in 6 major client organizations (DGs) across ADM(Mat) of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces.
  • 21 Northern Water and Land Use Regulatory Boards Operating Review – For Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (Northern Affairs Program and Claims and Indian Government Sector) delivered the review to improve the overall operations of the boards and related/supporting INAC organizations.
  • Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada – For Health Canada, developed foundational concept and management documents for the governance and operating models for a new assisted human reproduction regulator.
  • Maritime Navigational Service (MNS) – On behalf of the Canadian Coast Guard, conducted a strategic analysis of the Maritime Navigational Service to determine if an alternate governance and organizational structure would produce better coordination and planning leading to improvements in service.
  • Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS) – Conducted alternative service delivery analysis for the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) focussing on different deployment postures for map making. CHS has 360 employees and a budget of $30M.
  • Environmental Protection Service – Conducted an organization review of this regulatory branch of Environment Canada to provide advice and recommendations on how the overall structure and mix of expertise could be improved given the revised regulatory framework.
  • Canadian Blood Services – On behalf of the Federal Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Health, helped set-up this $500M/annual, 3,000 staff plus national domestic supplier of blood and blood products to Canadians.
  • Canadian Forces Housing Agency and the CF Personnel Support Agency – Advised and worked with Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces to establish two important Special Operating Agencies to manage key enablers of the department: on-base housing and personnel.

Human Capital Management

  • Director General Military Human Resources Policy and Planning – Designed and conducted a Load/Capacity study through a synthesis of existing internal studies to estimate aggregate work load on military personnel due to personnel policy requirements.
  • National Defence ADM (HR-Mil) Group Principal Structural Review – Conducted a group wide structural review and options development of optional structural configurations for this the 6,000-person strong organization.
  • National Defence ADM (HR-Civ) – For civilian human resources in the Department of National Defence conducted a functional review study with respect to the division of labour and work load for human resources activities, responsibilities, authorities and coordination between the HR function and line operations.
  • Department of National Defence-Pension Upgrade Project – As a Principal Consultant, provided advice and support to the Director of Accounts Processing, Pay and Pensions in National Defence Headquarters concerning the upgrade of pension administration services to accommodate legislative changes including the development of a new plan for the Reserves.

Integrated Management Services

  • National Defence – Developed the integrated management framework for the Department of National Defence / Land Force Command business planning implementation pilot including the activity-based costing / management (ABC/ABM) component.
  • Canada School of Public Service – Managed the development of major corporate documents including the Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP) 2006–2007, 2005–2006 and 2004–2005, the Departmental Performance Report (DPR) for the periods ending March 31, 2005 and March 31, 2004 as well as related logic model, funding framework, performance and reporting support documents.
  • Canada School of Public Service – Assisted the Canada School of Public Service prepare its first ever Corporate Business and Human Resources Plans, develop a senior positions Treasury Board Submission and the initial Treasury Board Submission and related corporate documents outlining the School’s support of the Government of Canada’s public service learning agenda as well as subsequent implementation planning and preparation of a follow-on Treasury Board Submission.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Managed the development of an integrated animal health science direction to guide future Canadian Food Inspection Agency / Science Branch decision-making. The strategy / science direction is based on risk / risk management approaches, builds on national and international scientific capacities / capabilities, anticipates opportunities to apply leading technologies and reflects emerging operational trends which place increasing emphasis on testing, surveillance et cetera in non-laboratory settings.
  • Canadian Museum of Nature Reconstruction – Managed the development of the Treasury Board Submission and related corporate documents supporting the Canadian Museum of Nature’s case for additional resources to complete the renewal of the Victoria Memorial Museum Building.
  • Industry Canada – provided business planning / performance management advice and support to Industry Canada executives / program managers and project managers responsible for Smart Community projects across Canada and the development of project performance management and business sustainability frameworks.
  • Canadian Centre for Management Development – provided management with transition support as part of the creation of the Canada School of Public Service including development of an initial Treasury Board Submission for Transition and business cases on the Accumulated Surplus, Accommodation and Information Technology and preparation of the CCMD Report on Plan & Priorities.
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Developed an issues paper presenting observations and perspectives on the way ahead as a contribution to the development of strategic agenda.

Project Management

  • National Defence, Director General Information Management Project Delivery – Led a project team developing and implementing a Project Management Support and Information System. The PMSIS focused on instituting common and repeatable project management practices, processes, products and tools, and on encouraging the consistent application of these elements in major defence projects, to result in the delivery of reliable and predictable results.
  • Drug Regulatory Submissions – Managed the provision of detailed project management support as part of complex Phase II / III clinical trials by a major biopharmaceutical firm testing the safety and efficacy of a blood substitute product.
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada, Real Property Services – Developed the concept and working materials to provide property managers across Canada with guidance on the development, implementation, ongoing management and evaluation of real property / facilities management services agreements with client departments.
  • Health Canada – Developed the charter document outlining a systematic, step-wise approach for conducting a management review of Health Canada grants & contributions activities and the presentation seeking Departmental Executive Committee concurrence to proceed.
  • Health Canada – Developed the overall management framework for the Health Canada Year 2000 Project including the mandate of the Project Directorate, overall governance of the Year 2000 Project and the organization & resources of the Directorate.
  • Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) – Managed a team of subject matter experts who developed the IV&V Framework for CATSA to evaluate the implementation of Explosive Detection System equipment at 89 Canadian airports. The framework included criteria to select which IV&V tasks to conduct for which airports and checklists to ensure rigour, a consistent approach and auditability. Conducted IV&V reviews on several airport applications for Explosive Detection System equipment, and briefed senior management.
  • RCMP – Engaged to implement IV&V on the CPIC Renewal Project to help reduce risk. CPIC was a $117M system/software upgrade project, then in its fifth year. Developed IV&V Strategy and Plan, and briefed senior management. IV&V was moved to CIO Sector, and established an IV&V Centre of Excellence for RCMP, including the framework, policies, procedures and plans for conducting IV&V on all RCMP projects, and provided knowledge transfer to RCMP personnel.
  • Citizenship and Immigration – Managed the team that performed two IV&V and Gate Reviews for the Global Case Management (GCMS) major crown project. The objective was to assess risk, quality and quantity of work accomplished in support of Gate 1 goals and objectives and to assess readiness and risk for proceeding to Gate 2. The IV&V Report was a required part of the Treasury Board submission seeking to release Gate 2 funding

International Business Development and Partnering

  • China

- Established partnership between Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and China Nursing Association

- Strategic planning for heavy vehicle manufacturing

  • CIDA - Asia Branch

- Developed Results Based Contracting approach

IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture)

- Developed integrated management framework to guide restructuring

  • Mongolia

- Mongolian government strategic plan for job creation

- Restructuring of HR functions for Newcom Group

- Industry Canada - industry analysis for greenhouses and construction material

  • Philippines

- Establishment of an import/export company for Canadian goods

  • Philippines National Oil Development Corp.

- Strategic planning and procurement process development

- Small business start-up support

  • Thailand

- Rural small business start-up support

  • World Bank

- Argentina - strategic planning for Social Security Program restructuring

- Yemen - implementation planning for public sector reform