Delivering Better Results Effectively and Efficiently

When there is consistency between the strategy, structure and operations of the organization, above average levels of productivity and performance are achieved. When these key elements are in conflict the organization loses its focus, horizontal coordination is problematic, processes seem lethargic and the people performing the work are frustrated.

We are specialists in government organization and have experience dealing with the issues and challenges of public sector management. Our people have helped design, develop and establish Federal, Provincial and Territorial governance mechanisms, design new regulatory and program delivery agencies, and improve existing operations. Our clients look to us again and again to assist in tackling the key management issues of the day.

HDP delivers strategic value to clients through consulting expertise and services in:

  • Governance structures and mechanisms
  • Organization and program delivery structures and major processes
  • Organization and program optimization
  • Common service delivery: management, methods and processes
  • Capability building and sustainment
  • Alternative Service Delivery
  • Transition and implementation planning and management