HR as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The management of people continues to be the single biggest challenge facing public and private sector employers and managers. Get the people dimension right and many other things fall into place.

HDP has long standing experience in the workings of the Canadian public service, its human resources management regime and the statutes on which these activities are enabled. We’ve helped departments build capacity, improve the management and deployment of human assets and equip the organization to manage its workforce strategically.

Our specialization in the public sector and our understanding of the current trends and challenges allows us to begin our engagements already equipped with the knowledge of how client operations should work, the statutory framework that applies and the expected performance. Accordingly, we begin delivering tangible value on day one of our assignments and build from this advanced starting point to support our clients effectively through to the development of workable solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • HR strategies and operating plans
  • Management and organization studies and evaluations
  • Workforce planning, analysis and development
  • Workload demand and organizational capacity balancing
  • HR cost accounting and management
  • HR cost containment and rationalization
  • Work Force Adjustment
  • Change and transition management
  • Internal Communications
  • HRM technology requirements definition, solutions evaluation and value for money analysis
  • Project management